Endless Summer 2015




This is long-overdue.  I was going to post this in July when it felt like we had already crammed in so much.  Now that the fall colors are peaking and the I get a glimpse of the winter cold and bare trees, I’m kind of missing summer again…




It’s mid-July and it feels like its been a long summer already.  The long, cold winter is a distant memory.  Unlike any other year, this one has already been full of quality family and extended family time (that reminds me of the classic spots produced by the Church, “Family, isn’t it about time?”

The photos below are from a very full, family-fun summer (thanks to the tireless planning of Jess of course)

IMG_6327 IMG_6329 IMG_6339 IMG_6341 IMG_6344 IMG_6350 IMG_6361 IMG_6369 IMG_6370 IMG_6382 IMG_6388 IMG_6391 IMG_6402 IMG_6405 IMG_6408  IMG_6419 IMG_6430 IMG_6458 IMG_6567


IMG_6834 IMG_0048 IMG_0120 IMG_6846 IMG_6870 IMG_6893 IMG_6916 IMG_6946 IMG_6995 IMG_7009 IMG_7043 IMG_7052 IMG_7076 IMG_7142 DSCF0162 IMG_7175 IMG_7350 DSCF0221 IMG_7248 IMG_7325 IMG_7424 IMG_7428 IMG_7450 IMG_7490 IMG_7591 IMG_7598


One thought on “Endless Summer 2015

  1. Pictures are fabulous!!! I almost lost count until the one picture of you all in the scenic mountains n the background ..six and two is eight !!!!!!! :):)

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