Baby Jane

IMG_4539 IMG_4545 IMG_4547 IMG_4565 IMG_4589 IMG_4650Our beautiful sixth child arrived miraculously on Wednesday, July 16 in Rochester, NY. The short story is that we decided to take a two day trip to Upstate New York to show our kids some church history sites and Niagara Falls. Caleb was in scout camp all week, but he made this trip with us three years ago, so not a big deal that he was missing out. This was going to be my only trip of the summer because of the baby, so I really wanted to go.

We left Monday evening and arrived at our Niagara Falls hotel after midnight. Tuesday morning we rode the Maid of the Mist and spent a couple hours on the Canadian side. We left in the afternoon to drive to Palmyra and checked into our hotel. We drove to the Hill Cumorah pageant and visitor’s center that evening and spent a couple of hours there before the pageant started. The pageant was amazing and we got home around 11:00 pm. Dave and I fell asleep around 11:30, and about an hour later I was woken up by a huge gush of water coming out of me. I sat up and cried out, which woke up Dave, who soon felt soaked himself. I said, “I don’t know if I’m wetting the bed or if my water broke, but I can’t stop it!” I had never experience my water breaking, so I didn’t know what to do. I actually had the thought that we should just make the 5.5 hour drive home so we could deliver at our hospital. Haha! i’m sure glad we didn’t go that route. Dave googled hospitals and after talking to the front desk, we decided to head to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, about 30 minutes away. Dave woke up Madi and told her what was going on so that she could be in charge when the kids all woke up in the morning. She was still half asleep and thought had dreamed it all when she woke up the next morning.

Dave broke a few traffic rules and got us to the hospital in record time. My contractions had started and were beginning to feel painful. Knowing the baby was breech, I was nervous about having a c-section, especially so far from home. While in triage, the doctor presented the idea of a vaginal breech delivery, and Dave and I decided to go with it. The risks were that the baby could get stuck head in or get the cord wrapped around it, in which case they would have to do an emergency c-section. After about 8 hours of labor (which seemed like an eternity compared to the rest of my kids), I was finally ready to push. My epidural was acting funny and working too well on one side and not so well on the other. But I was ready to get this over with. So they pushed me into the OR (just in case of a c-section) and the room was filled 15 doctors/residents/nurses. This was a teaching hospital, and a vaginal breech delivery was a rare occasion. With about 5 doctors staring at me, I pushed with all my might, really wanting to give up several times, crying out with pain, and feeling like the baby was going to be stuck half way in and half way out forever. After about 20 minutes of pushing, she was finally out at 9am! I seriously felt like I had accomplished something almost impossible. It took about an hour for them to let me hold her (she didn’t look too great at first), but once I did, my first thoughts and words were “She’s so beautiful.” After settling on a name, Jane Margaret Sedgwick (Margaret is Dave’s grandma’s name), we headed home to Maryland on Thursday afternoon. We are all in love and so grateful she was born to our family (and early–yay!!).

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