Oahu (belated)

Yes, it’s taken me several weeks to get back into the swing of things here at home, which explains why our blog hasn’t been updated in a while. Since I posted about our Big Island trip, I can’t leave out our trip to Oahu. We flew from Kona to Honolulu on a Sunday and found a beautiful old church to attend in Waikiki. It was the most unique LDS church I’ve ever been to. We spent the afternoon at Pearl Harbor and learned a lot about that sacred place where so many American lives were lost. Then we headed up to the north shore to find our resort, Turtle Bay. We loved the beautiful drive, and got a little excited about finding the “Lost” filming sights which were marked in our guide book. Sidenote: Lost is the ONE TV show we watch, or should I say watched every episode, every season, and we thought it ended just right.

Anyway, we spent the next couple of days finding great places to eat (what else do you do on a relaxing trip to Hawaii?), snorkeling (probably the best ever at beautiful Shark’s Cove), driving and exploring the island (so much diversity and beauty in such a small place), and even fit in a hike to Manoa Falls (which was the perfect distance and difficulty for a 7 month pregnant girl and a recovering half-ironman). We recovered from our “hike” by getting a massage (definitely worth saving a couple hundred bucks by going outside of the resort), a tradition on our past visits to Hawaii. Right before we caught our flight home, Dave even got to surf for an hour in Waikiki, and I got some souvenir shopping in at the International Market. We actually really enjoyed the short time we spent in Waikiki. Oahu definitely ranks up there with Kauai and Maui as far as the Hawaiian Islands go!

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